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In the last years, knowledge management and technology enhanced learning are confronting a lot of new challenges due to rapid changes in business environment and technological progress. In a fast changing business environment, where jobs and roles never stand still, the slow processes of creating formal learning materials and delivering vocational training(More)
OBJECTIVE Ovarian cancer cell lines and tissues express gonadotropin receptors. Conjugation of cytostatics to ligands of these receptors may increase the specificity of cytotoxic drugs. STUDY DESIGN Toxicity of doxorubicin-human chorionic gonadotropin conjugates was determined in 4 ovarian cancer cell lines. Expression and regulation of luteinizing(More)
The available methods for assaying of protease activity of unknown or partially defined specificity utilize long peptides, mostly denatured proteins, comprehending at least all coded amino acids in cleavable positions. In contrast, here we report on an alternative approach which utilizes a small synthetic ester substrate containing only one amino acid. The(More)
A spent LWR fuel specimen between Ca-bentonite blocks was leached in a simulated bentonite-saturated granitic water (SBGW) for 165 days and its results were compared with those of a specimen leached without a bentonite block. The amounts of Cs, Sb, Sr, Eu, Am, U and Pu released from a 4.3 mm thickness of a fuel pellet with a 50,400 MWD/MTU burn-up in the(More)
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