Natalia Landazuri

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BACKGROUND Stem cells for cardiac repair have shown promise in preclinical trials, but lower than expected retention, viability, and efficacy. Encapsulation is one potential strategy to increase viable cell retention while facilitating paracrine effects. METHODS AND RESULTS Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) were encapsulated in alginate and attached to(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous findings from our laboratory demonstrated that neovascularization was impaired in osteopontin (OPN) knockout animals. However, the mechanisms responsible for the regulation of OPN expression in the setting of ischemia remain undefined. Therefore, we sought to determine whether OPN is upregulated in response to ischemia and hypothesized(More)
We present a case study analyzing and discussing the effects of introducing the requirement of public outreach of original student work into the project-based learning of Advanced Graphics and Interaction (AGI) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. We propose Expo-Based Learning as Project-Based Learning augmented with the constructively aligned goal of(More)
ii This work is dedicated to my husband Leandro whose strength, support, and love I will always cherish. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Completing a Ph.D. is truly a marathon event, and I would not have been able to conclude this endeavor without the aid and encouragement of countless people over the past few years. I must first express my gratitude towards my advisor,(More)
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor in humans and is characterized with poor outcome. In this study, we investigated components of prolactin (Prl) system in cell models of GBM and in histological tissue sections obtained from GBM patients. Expression of Prolactin receptor (PrlR) was detected at high levels in(More)
ostnatal vascularization is an inherent and endogenous compensatory mechanism to restore obstructive vascu-lar lesions. 1 Patients with peripheral arterial obstructive disease , mainly caused by atherosclerosis, are at high risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Promoting vascular regrowth as an adaptive response to limb ischemia to treat(More)
OBJECTIVE Collateral vessel formation can functionally compensate for obstructive vascular lesions in patients with atherosclerosis. Neovascularization processes are triggered by fluid shear stress, hypoxia, growth factors, chemokines, proteases, and inflammation, as well as reactive oxygen species, in response to ischemia. Polymerase δ-interacting protein(More)
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