Natalia Juristo

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We have located the results of empirical studies on elicitation techniques and aggregated these results to gather empirically grounded evidence. Our chosen surveying methodology was systematic review, whereas we used an adaptation of comparative analysis for aggregation because meta-analysis techniques could not be applied. The review identified 564(More)
The verification of a previously observed finding is important. Being able to verify a finding provides some guarantee that it is not product of chance but that the observed phenomenon is stable or regular. The most well done way of verifying experimental findings is through replication. But, is this the only method for verifying the observations of an(More)
Conceptual modelling is a crucial software development activity for both Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. Each discipline, however, has developed its own techniques for conceptual modelling, and there is no agreement about a common set of techniques that can be used in both disciplines. This chapter will describe such techniques, paying(More)
Replication of software engineering experiments is crucial for dealing with validity threats to experiments in this area. Even though the empirical software engineering community is aware of the importance of replication, the replication rate is still very low. The RESER'11 Joint Replication Project aims to tackle this problem by simultaneously running a(More)
Usability is one of the key quality attributes in software development. The content of this paper is part of the research conducted within the European Union IST STATUS project, related to the development of techniques and procedures for improving usability of software architecture designs. In this paper, we will focus on the possible improvement of(More)
One major issue in managing software engineering knowledge is the construction of information repositories for software development artefacts (techniques, products, processes, tools, etc.). But how does one package each artefact so that the package contains the appropriate information to understand and use the artefact? What is the appropriate(More)
Summary form only given. To consolidate a body of knowledge built upon evidence, experimental results have to be extensively verified. Experiments need replication at other times and under other conditions before they can produce an established piece of knowledge. Several replications need to be run to strengthen the evidence. Most SE experiments have not(More)