Natalia Iurchenko

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AIM To study the expression of estrogen receptors (ER) and progesterone receptors (PR) and proliferation marker Ki-67 in ovarian tumors using immunohistochemistry, and evaluate possible prognostic significance of these markers. METHODS Immunohistochemical evaluation of Ki-67, ER and PR expression was performed on serous ovarian cancer (OC) tissue samples(More)
Endometrial cancer (EC) is one of the most frequent causes of cancer death among women in developed countries. Histopathological diagnosis and imaging techniques for EC are limited, thus new prognostic markers are needed to offer patients the best treatment and follow-up.In the present paper we showed that the level of mitochondrial ribosomal protein(More)
AIM Study is devoted to evaluation of sensitivity of peripheral blood T-lymphocytes (PBL) of patients with endometrial cancer (EC) to genotoxic effect of bleomycin and detection of patients with hidden chromosomal instability. METHODS PBL of 24 EC patients (mean age 58.9 ± 2.9) and 10 healthy women-volunteers (mean age 55.7 ± 2.3) were subjected to(More)
AIM To create an information resource concerning multifactorial oncological diseases of the female reproductive system. MATERIALS AND METHODS A comprehensive search of the literature in the PubMed and Ukrainian scientific sources published from 1995 to 2014 and the results of researches performed in R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology,(More)
AIM To determine the methylation level of promoter region of the FOXP3 gene promoter depending on the heterogeneity of intracellular localization of its protein product in endometrial cancer (EC) cells and assess its relation to the clinical and morphological features of tumor. MATERIALS AND METHODS Samples of surgical material of 40 EC patients who have(More)
AIM To study the tumor microenvironment (CD4(+), CD8(+) and FOXP3(+) lymphocytes) and FOXP3 expression by tumor cells and correlation of studied parameters with clinical and morphological characteristics of endometrial adenocarcinomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS Tumor samples from 40 patients (mean age 56.9 ± 2.8) with endometrial cancer (EC), who did not(More)
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