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Cytological and autoradiographic studies in Sciara coprophila salivary gland chromosomes
SummaryMorphological and metabolic changes on the salivary chromosomes of Sciara coprophila were followed during the later half of the fourth larval instar.Cytological maps were prepared for fiveExpand
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In the polytene chromosomes of Sciara coprophila, in addition to a nucleolus, large numbers of nucleolarlike structures or micronucleoli are formed. A detailed mapping localized the nucleolarExpand
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Studies in polytene chromosomes of sciarids
Cytological maps of the four polytene elements of Sciara pauciseta II, at two different stages of DNA puff development, have been prepared. A detailed description of major chromosomal landmarks, suchExpand
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Further studies of the nucleolar material in salivary gland nuclei of Sciara coprophila
The nucleolar-like bodies or micronucleoli of Sciara coprophila salivary gland nuclei have been studied with phase contrast, the Nomarski optics, Azure B staining, and electron microscopy. In theExpand
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Studies on the fine structure of puffs in Sciara coprophila
Fine structure of RNA and DNA puffs of Sciara coprophila was studied during late developmental stages of the fourth larval instar. In RNA puffs the predominant structure seen seems to be a diffuse,Expand
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