Natalia Fedotova

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This article addresses a problem of integration of reputation management mechanisms and lookup processes in (distributed hash table) DHT-based peer-to-peer (P2P) networks with collaborative nature. We present a possible scenario of application of some reputation techniques to lookup and data retrieval processes in a P2P network based on the popular Kademlia(More)
The paper outlines the requirements for sanitary-and-epidemiological surveillance to prevent dental diseases. The investigations pose tasks to medical prevention centers to solve the problems in tooth prophylaxis, such as organizational-and-methodological, sanitary-and-educational, health-improving, and others. The sanitary-and-hygienic requirements for(More)
In organization of sanitary education of students on issues of balanced diet it is necessary to be guided on positively perceived sources of information and forms of education. According to our data, the university student editions and health education carried out by doctors of policlinics, providing medical services to the students of the University are of(More)
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