Natalia Duque Ciceri

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Better understanding of the current product End-of-life sustainable practices leads to important feedback for the design of more “sustainable” so called eco-products, by identifying the design improvements that reduce the impact of manufactured goods on the environment and society. In this paper, we propose a way to assess the impact on product design that(More)
What is the burden upon your feet? With sales of running and jogging shoes in the world averaging a nontrivial 25 billion shoes per year, or 34 million per day, the impact of the footwear industry represents a significant portion of the apparel sector’s environmental burden. This study analyzed the carbon footprint of a familiar consumer product, a pair of(More)
This study addresses the affect of machine and material factors on the separation of PET plastic and aluminum on the Rare Earth Roller magnetic separator. The purposes of this study are to gain a better understanding of how separation efficiencies are influenced and develop a performance profile of the Rare Earth Roller to generalize the behavior of other(More)
The main aim of this paper is to propose a multi-waste mix integer lineal programming model for locating sorting facilities in a three-level (local, regional, and central) reverse logistic network. The objective of the model is to decide the location of the storage and sorting facilities across the network. The model was applied in end of life battery(More)
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