Natalia Denisova

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Hippocampal theta oscillations support encoding of an animal's position during spatial navigation, yet longstanding questions about their impact on locomotion remain unanswered. Combining optogenetic control of hippocampal theta oscillations with electrophysiological recordings in mice, we show that hippocampal theta oscillations regulate locomotion. In(More)
OBJECTIVES Vessel size imaging is a novel technique to evaluate pathological changes of the microvessel density quantity Q and the mean vessel size index (VSI). As a follow-up study, we assessed these parameters for microscopic description of ischemic penumbra and their potentials in predicting lesion growth. METHODS Seventy-five patients with a(More)
Both humans and animals seek primary rewards in the environment, even when such rewards do not correspond to current physiological needs. An example of this is a dissociation between food-seeking behaviour and metabolic needs, a notoriously difficult-to-treat symptom of eating disorders. Feeding relies on distinct cell groups in the hypothalamus, the(More)
Proinflammatory markers were evaluated in patients with chronic heart failure of ischemic origin and essential hypertension with preserved left-ventricular ejection fraction before and after a 6-month course of simvastatin therapy (20 mg/day). The study was carried out in 125 patients with diastolic dysfunction manifested as impaired relaxation and(More)
In a consultative and diagnostic center "Healthy Nutrition" of Institute of Nutrition the nutritional status of 3500 patients (mean age 48.4 ± 0.3 years) liv- ing in the Moscow region, using a system Nutritest IP-3, including genomic analysis has been examined. In the analysis of dietary intake by an average review, increased energy intake due to excess(More)
It was found that the including of nutritional formulae in the dietary therapy for patients with cardiovascular diseases and obesity has been evaluated, had a positive effect on the clinical presentation of disease, lipid metabolism and the dynamic of body composition of patients.
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