Natalia D. Golberg

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The primary purpose of this study was to examine the effects of high-intensity acute exercise on neutrophil infiltration in different muscle fiber types of untrained rats and to compare postexercise neutrophil accumulation in muscles of untrained and trained animals. The effect of high-intensity acute exercise on blood neutrophil degranulation reaction in(More)
The activity of hexokinase and its isoenzymic spectrum were determined in skeletal muscles of different metabolic types and in brain of trained and untrained albino rats. It is shown that adaptation to intensive muscular activity accompanied by metabolic acidosis induces some changes in the hexokinase system, which consist in the increase of the total(More)
The mTOR enzyme belongs to the specific serine/threonine protein kinase family and plays an important role in extracellular signal transduction by phosphorylating many substrates in various metabolic pathways of the human body. The mTOR protein possessing protein kinase activity is encoded by the FRAP1 gene, which is located on chromosome 1 (1p36.2). In(More)
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