Natalia Bogdan

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We describe a novel and general way of generating high affinity peptide (HAP) binders to receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs), using a multi-step process comprising phage-display selection, identification of peptide pairs suitable for hetero-dimerization (non-competitive and synergistic) and chemical synthesis of heterodimers. Using this strategy, we generated(More)
The freezing of aqueous solutions and reciprocal distribution of ice and a freeze-concentrated solution (FCS) are poorly understood in spite of their importance in fields ranging from biotechnology and life sciences to geophysics and climate change. Using an optical cryo-microscope and differential scanning calorimetry, we demonstrate that upon cooling of(More)
Technologies for 3D input and output are rapidly advancing, and are becoming more common in home and workplace environments. However, viewing a stereoscopic display can cause eye strain and fully relying on 3D spatial interactions can be fatiguing and may be less efficient for common 2D tasks. In this paper we explore the design possibilities of(More)
The results of differentiated treatment of patients with hypertensive disease depending on blood plasma renin activity are analyzed. Sixty-seven patients with hypertensive disease and 14 healthy individuals (controls) were examined. Sets of the JCN firm (USA) were used. Persons with high, moderate and low renin activity were distinguished among patients(More)
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