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Rodent spatial cognition studies allow links to be made between neural and behavioural phenomena, and much is now known about the encoding and use of horizontal space. However, the real world is three dimensional, providing cognitive challenges that have yet to be explored. Motivated by neural findings suggesting weaker encoding of vertical than horizontal(More)
BACKGROUND Most of the peanut-sensitized children do not have clinical peanut allergy. In equivocal cases, oral food challenges (OFCs) are required. However, OFCs are laborious and not without risk; thus, a test that could accurately diagnose peanut allergy and reduce the need for OFCs is desirable. OBJECTIVE To assess the performance of basophil(More)
Posttranslational modifications (PTMs) occur to nearly all proteins, are catalyzed by specific enzymes, and are subjected to tight regulation. They have been shown to be a powerful means by which the function of proteins can be modified, resulting in diverse effects. Technological advances such as the increased sensitivity of mass spectrometry-based(More)
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