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Three well-known representatives of the cyclodextrin family were completely characterized by molecular hydrodynamics methods in three different solvents. For the first time the possibility of an estimation of velocity sedimentation coefficients s between 0.15 and 0.5 S by the numerical solution of the Lamm equation is shown. Comparison of the experimental(More)
Mutations in the lamin A/C gene (LMNA) lead to severe disorders collectively called laminopathies. The mechanisms by which lamin mutations cause the diseases are not clear. Since the mesenchymal lineages, adipose tissue in particular, are mostly affected in laminopathies, the aim of the study was to estimate the effect of LMNA mutations on differentiation(More)
Relevant cell model is essential to study pathogenesis of muscle disorders. However, in the field of muscle research there is no ultimate cell line considered as a standard for studying muscular and neuromuscular diseases. Standard cell line claimed to be well differentiated in muscle lineage, be morphological and physiological similar to mature muscle(More)
Nuclear lamins are the main proteins of the nuclear envelope providing nuclear-membrane strength. Recently, it became clear that lamins in cells play not only a structural role, but are also involved in regulation of gene expression. The LMNA gene encodes lamin A or C depending on the synthesizing splicing variant. The best-known LMNA mutation causes severe(More)
Molecules of three cyclodextrins have been studied by molecular hydrodynamics methods in water, dimethylformamide, and dimethylsulfoxide. The molecular masses have been estimated, and the values correlate well with the calculated values. The hydrodynamic radii of cyclodextrin molecules have been also determined. The experimental data have been compared with(More)
The article deals with surgical treatment of patients presenting with resistant arterial hypertension and detected pathology in the adrenal glands. The authors analysed the outcomes of surgical management of 97 patients with resistant arterial hypertension, also determining the factors contributing to prediction of the antihypertensive effect of(More)
164 Cyclic oligosaccharides cyclodextrins were among the first compounds used for enzyme modeling [1]. Cyclodextrins consist of six, seven, or eight D -glucose residues linked through α (1 → 4) -bonds ( α -, β , and γ cyclodextrins, respectively). Their shape resembles a hollow truncated cone with a hydrophobic central cavity consisting of C(3)H and C(5)H(More)
The study of pathogenesis of muscle disorders needs an appropriate cell model. In the field of muscle research, there is no general cell line considered standard for studying muscular and neuromuscular diseases. Most cell lines are incapable of differentiation into a muscle lineage exhibiting morphological and physiological properties of mature muscle cells(More)
Mutations in lamin A/C gene (LMNA) lead to development of severe disorders--laminopathies. Unlike most other types of intermediate filaments, where the pathological effect of mutations is tightly linked to alteration of mechanical and integrative functions, the detailed mechanism of lamin mutations is still unclear and possibly involves the alteration of(More)