Natalia A Liapounova

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All eukaryotes carry out glycolysis, interestingly, not all using the same enzymes. Anaerobic eukaryotes face the challenge of fewer molecules of ATP extracted per molecule of glucose due to their lack of a complete tricarboxylic acid cycle. This may have pressured anaerobic eukaryotes to acquire the more ATP-efficient alternative glycolytic enzymes, such(More)
Myocardial virus infection may mimic but also trigger acute myocardial infarction.The present paper reports an exceedingly rare presentation of an acute myocardial infarction in a very young female associated with Coxsackie B2 virus infection. A 17-year-old woman with no prior medical history presented to the Cardiac Intensive Care unit with chest pain, ST(More)
Cysteine proteases are crucial for general lysosomal function and for the pathogenic mechanisms of many protistan parasites. Cathepsin B cysteine proteases are currently defined by the presence of the "occluding loop" motif and have been best characterized from humans and their parasites. Though related to a variety of pathogenic excavate flagellates,(More)
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