Natalia A. Komarova

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The hardware/software solution for measuring parameters of optocouplers with output MOSFET transistors using a PXI-platform and NI Labview software is proposed in the article. As an example, a typical connection circuit for an optocoupler is presented and methods of an input current adjustment using a LED and data received from the TDS-2024 oscilloscope are(More)
Recently, substances with various types of activity containing in their structures the l-azabicycl!c system of quinuclidine as the dialkylaminoalkyl moiety have been introduced into medical practice [i]. These include esters of 3-hydroxyquinuclidine (aceclidine, oksilidin [2]), polyalkylquinuclidines (temekhin [3] and imekhin [4]), bisquaternary salts(More)
In studying the effects of (quinuclidyl-3)diarylcarbinols on the histaminergic systems of humans, it was found that replacement of both phenyl tings in (quinuclidyl-3)diphienylcarbinol (known as the antiallergic drug phencarol) by bioisosteric thiophene cycles decreased the H-I blocking activity and enhanced the anti-ulcer activity [1 4]. In connection with(More)
In view of the pronounced pharmacological activity of the antihistamine fenkarol (the hydrochloride of 3-quinuclidyl diphenyl carbinol), which has been accepted as a drug for the treatment of various allergic ailments [i], we have previously synthesized various analogs of this compound and subjected them to pharmacological studies. We studied quinuclidyl(More)
The esters of 3-hydroxyquinuclidine with aliphatic, aliphatic--aromatic, and aromatic acids, which have been synthesized, display marked pharmacological activity the character of which is determined by the structure of the acylating residue. Esters of the lower aliphatic acids proved to have cholinomimetic action, esters of aromatic and aliphatic--aromatic(More)
Our earlier research has shown that quinuclidines have far greater activity on cholinergic and histaminergic systems than the analogous aliphatic or monocyclic amines [i]. Evidently, the essential feature of the quinuclidines, to a significant degree, is the presence of a bridgehead nitrogen atom with a spatially unhindered free electron pair. The high(More)