Natalia A. Kolesnikova

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The interstitial collagenase matrix metalloprotein-ase-1 (MMP-1) is up-regulated in the lung during pulmonary emphysema. The mechanisms underlying this aberrant expression are poorly understood. Although cigarette smoking is the predominant cause of emphysema, only 15-20% of smokers develop the disease. To define the signaling pathways activated by smoke(More)
Economists generally assume, implicitly, that “the return to schooling” is invariant across local labor markets. We demonstrate that this outcome pertains if and only if preferences are homothetic—a special case that seems unlikely. Our theory predicts that returns to education will instead be relatively low in expensive high-amenity locations. Our analysis(More)
This paper documents a little-noticed feature of US labor markets—very large variation in the labor supply of married women across cities. We focus on cross-city differences in commuting times as a potential explanation for this variation. We start with a model in which commuting times introduce non-convexities into the budget set. Empirical evidence is(More)
It was shown previously that a majority of hybrids produced by in vitro fusion of normal macrophages with Cloudman S91 melanoma cells displayed macrophage-specific glycosylation, especially increased GnT-V activity, beta1,6 branch formation in glycoproteins, accompanied by enhanced metastatic potential in vivo and motility in vitro. These hybrids also(More)
We examine Becker's (1960) contention that children are "normal." For the cross section of non-Hispanic white married couples in the U.S., we show that when we restrict comparisons to similarly-educated women living in similarly-expensive locations, completed fertility is positively correlated with the husband's income. The empirical evidence is consistent(More)
This paper explores the seemingly innocuous practice of ignoring the local price vector in empirical models of lottery demand. We argue using consumer theory that local consumption prices should be included and that the failure to consider local prices results in income elasticity of lottery demand estimates that are biased downward. Using a sample of MSAs,(More)