Natalia A Golubeva

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A method has been developed for obtaining a full-length protein NS3 of hepatitis C virus with the yield of 6.5 mg/liter of cell culture, and conditions for measuring its NTPase and helicase activities have been optimized. The helicase reaction can proceed in two modes depending on the enzyme and substrate concentration ratio: it can be non-catalytic in the(More)
We investigate the efficiency of systems of molecular motors operating at maximum power. We consider two models of kinesin motors on a microtubule: for both the simplified and the detailed model, we find that the many-body exclusion effect enhances the efficiency at maximum power of the many-motor system, with respect to the single motor case. Remarkably,(More)
We study the mechanical and thermodynamic properties of different traffic models for kinesin which are relevant in biological and experimental contexts. We find that motor-motor interactions play a fundamental role by enhancing the thermodynamic efficiency at maximum power of the motors, as compared to the noninteracting system, in a wide range of(More)
The population of domestic cats from the city of Armavir has been examined. A high frequency of gene O was revealed in the population. Differences among three subpopulations estimated using two genetic distances showed heterogeneity of the Armavir cat population. The extreme samples showed highly significant differences (P < 0.01; χ [6] 2 = 24.67), likely(More)
Four novel series of base modified ribonucleoside analogues were synthesized and evaluated as potential anti-HCV agents. For two compounds notable anti-HCV activity was observed The triphosphates of bicyclic pyrimidine ribonucleosides were studied as substrates/inhibitors of HCV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp, NS5B protein) and RNA helicase/NTPase (NS3(More)
We study motor traffic on Bethe networks subject to hard-core exclusion for both tightly coupled one-state machines and loosely coupled two-state machines that perform work against a constant load. In both cases we find an interaction-induced enhancement of the efficiency at maximum power (EMP) as compared to noninteracting motors. The EMP enhancement(More)
The preparation conditions for dichlorophosphinylphosphorimidic trichloride were optimized. It was used in the synthesis of esters of imidodiphosphoric acid. The interaction of the trichloride with amines resulted in the corresponding amidodiphosphates rather than in the expected amides of imidodiphosphoric acid.
Two new phosphonate 3TC prodrugs were synthesized and studied in MT-4 cells as inhibitors of HIV replication. Their pharmacokinetic parameters were evaluated following intragastric administration in rabbits and oral administration in dogs. Both compounds were much less toxic than parent 3TC in cell cultures and could generate the active nucleoside in(More)