Natalia A. Cherepanova

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Stabilization of protein tertiary structure by disulfides can interfere with glycosylation of acceptor sites (NXT/S) in nascent polypeptides. Here, we show that MagT1, an ER-localized thioredoxin homologue, is a subunit of the STT3B isoform of the oligosaccharyltransferase (OST). The lumenally oriented active site CVVC motif in MagT1 is required for(More)
Dnmt3a is a DNA methyltransferase that establishes de novo DNA methylation in mammals. The structure of the Dnmt3a C-terminal domain is similar to the bacterial M. HhaI enzyme, a well-studied prokaryotic DNA methyltransferase. No X-ray structure is available for the complex of Dnmt3a with DNA and the mechanistic details of DNA recognition and catalysis by(More)
BACKGROUND Most international studies on epidemiology of transient loss of consciousness (TLC) were performed many years ago. There are no data about the lifetime prevalence of TLC in Russia. OBJECTIVE To identify the lifetime prevalence and presumed mechanisms of TLC in an urban Russian population. METHODS 1796 individuals (540 males [30.1%] and 1256(More)
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