Natali V Babkina

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The neuronal threshold, which can be determined by the level of depolarization immediately prior to spike generation, is different for responses to conditioned and discriminated stimuli after conditioning. However, it is impossible to determine excitability within a response to stimuli that failed to generate a spike. In the present study we examined the(More)
This work describes the change in an active electrogenesis of the command neurons responsible for defensive closure of a snail's pneumostome during elaborating, extinction and restoration of a classical conditioned defensive reflex to a tactile stimulus. Tactile stimulations applied to different parts of a snail's body served as a differential stimulus. As(More)
A change in the active electrogenesis of command neurons of the defensive closing of the spiracle of the edible snail during the development, extinction, and repeat development of a classical conditioned defense reflex, in response to tactile stimulation is described in this study; the tactile stimulation of another point of the body served as the(More)
Indications for the use of combined electropharmacologic anesthesia (EPA) and its effectiveness in clinical practice are becoming increasingly evident [6, 8]. This is due to recent improvements in the parameters of electrical stimulation (ES), as a result of skin damage beneath the electrodes and tenderness under them in conscious patients [4]. A promising(More)
During a study of the effect of some components of general anesthesia on the liver the writers found previously that mobilization of endogenous opioids under conditions of transcranial percutaneous electrical stimulation (TPES), and also administration of the Soviet synthetic hexapeptide dalargin, a Leu-enkephal in analog (synthesized in the Laboratory of(More)
An important characteristic of neuronal analogs of behavior in work which involves using stimulation of nerve tissue instead of stimuli originating in the external world, and which assesses an object's behavior according to the electrical reactions of neurons [i], is the degree to which they conform to the governing principles of the behavioral experiment,(More)
Experiments were conducted on 182 rats with acute cholestasis to study the effect of intra-abdominal dalargin injection (10 mcg/kg) with the serotonin antagonist ketanserine (150 mg/kg) on xanthine oxidase (XO) activity and level of lipid peroxidation in the hepatic tissue and on the activity of the hepatospecific enzymes histidase and urokaninase in(More)