Natale Barletta

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A long-term, compact left ventricular assist device (LVAD), the HeartMate III, has been designed and fabricated, featuring a centrifugal pump with a magnetically levitated rotor. The pump has been optimized by in vitro testing to achieve a design point of 7 L/min against 135 mm Hg at high hydrodynamic efficiency (30%) and to be capable of up to 10 L/min(More)
A compact implantable centrifugal left ventricular assist device (LVAD) (HeartMate III) featuring a magnetically levitated impeller is under development. The goal of our ongoing work is to demonstrate feasibility, low hemolysis, and low thrombogenicity of the titanium pump in chronic bovine in vivo studies. The LVAD is based on so-called bearingless motor(More)
In the field of open heart surgery, centrifugal blood pumps have major advantages over roller pumps. The main drawbacks to centrifugal pumps are however problems with the bearings and with the sealing of the rotor shaft. In this paper we present a concept for a simple, compact and cost effective solution for a blood pump with a totally magnetically(More)
The promise of expanded indications for left ventricular assist devices in the future for very long-term applications (10+ years) prompts sealed (i.e. fully implanted) systems and less-obtrusive and more reliable implanted components than their external counterparts in percutaneous configurations. Furthermore, sealed systems increase the fraction of total(More)
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