Natacha Poirier

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The composition and molecular residence time of soil organic matter (SOM) in four particle-size fractions (POM >200 microm, POM 63-200 microm, silt and clay) were determined using Curie-point pyrolysis/gas chromatography coupled on-line to mass spectrometry. The fractions were isolated from soils, either continuously with a C(3) wheat (soil (13)C value =(More)
The insoluble, non-hydrolyzable, macromolecular material isolated from a forest soil from Lacade e (south-west France) was examined via a combination of various methods: FTIR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, ``o€-line'' pyrolysis and high resolution transmission electron microscopy. Such a resistant material, which accounts for ca. 25% of total humin, was(More)
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