Natacha Meunier

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In order to test the accuracy of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in predicting mean glycemia in HIV-infected patients, we recorded consecutive HbA1c measurements from 1238 non-HIV-infected and 112 HIV-infected patients, all devoid of any hemoglobinopathy, in a retrospective, transversal study. Mean fasting glycemia from the six previous weeks (measured-Gly) and(More)
Long term effects on respiratory function have been found in air divers and have indicated the development of small-airway disease. These effects have been attributed to oxygen toxicity or to venous gas micro emboli (VGM). The airway obstructions observed in air divers raise fundamental questions about whether these alterations exist after one simulated(More)
Numerous micronutrients naturally abundant in oilseeds prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing cholesterolemia and oxidative stress. These micronutrients include phytosterols and various antioxidants such as polyphenols, tocopherols and coenzyme Q10/Q9 but most of them are lost during the oilseed oil refining. The main objective of the(More)
This paper presents a simple method for evaluating the extent of impairment in occupational dermatosis based on the portion (P) of the anatomic area involved (A) and the coefficient of physiologic disturbance (C). A percentage value is assigned to each anatomic area on the basis of its functional importance. The coefficient of physiologic disturbance is the(More)
BACKGROUND Prevention of hemolytic transfusion reactions depends upon our capacity to prevent allo-immunization and conflicts between antigens of transfused red blood cells and antibodies produced by the recipient. In this study, we show that to secure transfusion of sickle cell disease patients, it is necessary to take into account their immunohematologic(More)
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