Natacha Gilson

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We undertook a simultaneous prospective two-centre study to examine why patients with fractures of the proximal femur experience a delay in undergoing surgery. At centre 1, 23 of 105 patients (22%) suffered an avoidable delay, 18 (78%) because of a lack of theatre capacity while at centre 2, 71 of 130 patients (55%) had an avoidable delay, with 54 (76%)(More)
Beta-adrenoceptor density and affinity, studied by H3-CGP 12177 binding, and adenylate cyclase activity were measured in 12 left ventricles of rabbits with heart failure and compared to 13 left ventricles of control (C) rabbits. Heart failure (HF) was induced by a double volume (aortic insufficiency) plus pressure (aortic stenosis 14 days later) overload.(More)
A model for the study of left ventricular (LV) contractility in a small species was developed using conscious rabbits previously instrumented with a LV catheter and ultrasonic crystals measuring LV internal diameter. Afterload increase produced by methoxamine infusion was associated with a reduction in heart rate from 272(SEM18) to 214(20) beats.min-1, p(More)
Few models of heart failure (HF) are available for physiological and pharmacological studies. We report here a model of pressure plus volume overload induced in rabbits in which left ventricular (LV) function was studied in the conscious state after instrumentation of the animals with LV pressure catheter and ultrasonic crystals measuring LV diameter.(More)
Two enzyme activities concerned with collagen disaccharide unit metabolism (UDP-glucose: collagen glucosyltransferase and glucosyl-galactosyl-hydroxylysine glucohydrolase) have been studied in the thoracic aortic wall together with 4-prolyl hydroxylase activity and 4-hydroxyproline content in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) at the prehypertensive,(More)
Colorectal cancer is the most frequent digestive cancer. Prognosis is greatly depending on the TNM stage at the time of diagnosis. Fifty percent of all patients shall develop, synchronously or metachronously, liver metastases. Different means such as chemotherapy, targeted therapies, radiofrequency ablation, portal vein embolization and two-stage(More)
Are fiscal deficits inflationary? While the answer from conventional economic theory and from the monetary authorities is a conclusive yes, the evidence from the empirical literature is an unsettled maybe. This paper investigates the inflationary effect of central government deficits in a sample of six European Union members, namely Belgium, France,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate short and long term results after esophageal cancer resection in patients older than 75. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the database of esophageal cancer surgically treated in our department between January 2003 and December 2009 to identify patients older than 75. The preoperative, operative,(More)
The activities of three enzymes concerned with collagen metabolism 4-prolyl hydroxylase, UDP-glucose: collagen glucosyltransferase and glucosyl-galactosyl-hydroxylysine glucohydrolase and 4-hydroxyproline content have been studied in the cardiac ventricles of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) during prehypertensive, hypertensive and sustained(More)
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