Natacha Fontes

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The efficient exclusion of excess Na from the cytoplasm and vacuolar Na(+) accumulation are the main mechanisms for the adaptation of plants to salt stress. This is typically carried out by transmembrane transport proteins that exclude Na(+) from the cytosol in exchange for H(+), a secondary transport process which is energy-dependent and driven by the(More)
During grape berry ripening, the vacuoles accumulate water, sugars and secondary metabolites, causing great impact in plant productivity and wine quality. However, the molecular basis of these compartmentation processes is still poorly understood. As in many species, the major bottleneck to study these aspects in grapevine is to obtain highly purified(More)
As single cell systems, protoplasts have been used in physiological, biochemical and molecular studies aiming towards the investigation, improvement or modification of plants. In grapevine, protoplasts have been isolated from several source tissues but not from grape berry, a major challenge given the uniqueness of grape fruit for human diet and wine(More)
SINGULAR VALUE DECOMPOSITION NORMALLY ESTIMATED GERŠGORIN SETS NATACHA FONTES , JANICE KOVER , LAURA SMITHIES , AND RICHARD S. VARGA Abstract. Let denote a finite-dimensional square complex matrix, and let denote a fixed singular value decomposition (SVD) of . In this note, we follow up work from Smithies and Varga [Linear Algebra Appl., 417 (2006), pp.(More)
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