Nataša Zenić

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Sport-specific tests are rarely investigated in synchronized swimming (synchro). The aim of this research was to study the reliability and the validity of two sport-specific tests that are based on synchro elements, namely, the Barracuda thrust ("Barracuda") and the Boost. The Barracuda is a move in which the swimmer begins in the back pike position (head(More)
Although nutrition and doping are important factors in sports, neither is often investigated in synchronized swimming (Synchro).This study aimed to define and compare Synchro athletes and their coaches on their knowledge of sports nutrition (KSN)and knowledge of doping (KD); and to study factors related to KSN and KD in each of these groups. Additionally,(More)
Ethnicity and religion are known to be important factors associated with substance use and misuse (SUM). Ethnic Bosniaks, Muslims by religion, are the third largest ethnic group in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, but no study has examined SUM patterns among them. The aim of this study was to explore the prevalence of SUM and to examine scholastic-,(More)
OBJECTIVE The community of residence (ie, urban vs rural) is one of the known factors of influence on substance use and misuse (SUM). The aim of this study was to explore the community-specific prevalence of SUM and the associations that exist between scholastic, familial, sports and sociodemographic factors with SUM in adolescents from Bosnia and(More)
BACKGROUND Though adolescence is recognised as a critical period for smoking prevention, there is a lack of research focused on this issue in Kosovo. The aim of this study has been to examine the gender-specific factors of influence (predictors) for smoking among adolescents in Pristina, Kosovo. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study sample comprised 1002(More)
Adolescence is considered to be the most important period for the prevention of substance use and misuse (SUM). The aim of this study was to investigate the problem of SUM and to establish potentially important factors associated with SUM in Kosovar adolescents. Multi-stage simple random sampling was used to select participants. At the end of their high(More)
In this paper we have tried to identify the significance and character of the linear and non-linear relations between simple anthropometric predictors: body height (BH), body weight (BW), and body mass index, and swimming performance: freestyle swimming 50 (FS50) and 400 meters (FS400), in a sample of young (15 years old on average) male (N = 40) and female(More)
Nonlinear regressions are rare in anthropology. In this paper we have tried to identify the significance and the character of the linear and non-linear relations between some anthropometric measures and the motor-endurance status. All subjects (300 moderately physically active males, mean aged 24 +/- 3.4 years) were measured for body weight, body height,(More)
There is no current study that examined sport-specific tests of reactive-agility and change-of-direction-speed (CODS) to replicate real-sport environment in handball (team-handball). This investigation evaluated the reliability and validity of two novel tests designed to assess reactive-agility and CODS of handball players. Participants were female (25.14 ±(More)
Specific-conditioning capacities (SCC) are known to be generally important in water polo (WP), yet the independent associations to offensive and defensive performance is unknown. This study aimed to determine whether offense and defense abilities in WP were independently associated with SCC and anthropometrics. The participants were 82 high-level male youth(More)