Nataša Nikolić

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Health care protection of children in Vojvodina is of particular importance regarding the negative natural birth rate. In spite of difficult economic situation, health care of children in Vojvodina is permanently carried out and would be significantly better in quality if the education of subspecialized personnel, space facilities, technological(More)
Present work examines phytoextraction potential of four black locust families (half-sibs 54, 56, 115, and 135) grown hydroponically. Plants were treated with 6 ppm of cadmium (Cd), 100 ppm of nickel (Ni), and 40 ppm of lead (Pb) added in Hoagland nutrient solution, accompanying with simultaneously applied all three metals. Responses to metals exposure among(More)
INTRODUCTION Chikungunya is a contagious disease caused by Chikungunya virus, an arbovirus from the Togaviridae family. This infection is mostly spread by mosquitoes from the genus Aedes, especially Aedes albopiclus, which have spread from Asia to America and Europe including some countries surrounding Serbia. EPIDEMIOLOGIC FEATURES: The outbreak of(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the type and severeness of brain damage in vitally most endangered newborn infants of different gestational age. We retrospectively analyzed the records of 75 newborn infants treated and decreased at the Department of Intensive Care and Therapy of the Institute of Children's and Adolescents' Health Care in Novi Sad.(More)
In order to evaluate the specificity of hemostatic mechanism in premature Infants, the following examinations of coagulation and fibrinolytic parameters have been done: platelet number, concentrations of fibrinogen prothrombin, factors V, VII X, X, VIII, IX and XIII, antithrombin III, plasminogen, euglobulin lysis time, fibrin degradation products, alpha-1(More)