Nataša Negić

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The effects of chronic somatostatin (SRIH-14) treatment on the pituitary gonadotrophs (FSH and LH cells) and ovaries of female Wistar rats were examined. Females were given 20 microg/100 g b.w. twice per day from the immature (23rd day) till the adult period of life (71st day). The onset of puberty was determined by daily examination for vaginal opening.(More)
Elevated glucocorticoid level in the gravid female circulation affects number of endocrine functions in fetuses and offspring. In this research female rats were injected with dexamethasone (Dx) in three consecutive daily doses of 1.0, 0.5, 0.5 mg/kg body weight, starting from day 16 of pregnancy. The influence of this treatment on the pituitary(More)
The cellular and subcellular organization of thyroid follicular cells in peripubertal (6-month-old) male pigs treated with estradiol-dipropionate (Oe) plus progesterone (Pr) in combination on the first postnatal day was studied. A stereological method was used for morphometric determinations of the relative volume densities of the follicular epithelium,(More)
Growth hormone (GH) and glucocorticoids have a powerful influence on controlling fetal growth, differentiation and maturation of numerous tissues. In the present study, the effect of maternal dexamethasone (Dx) treatment on GH cells and body weight in 19- and 21-day-old rat fetuses was investigated using immunocytochemical and morphometric methods. Pregnant(More)
The effects of ovariectomy (Ovx) and of ovariectomy followed by chronic estradiol dipropionate administration (Ovx EDP) on the structure and function of the pituitary-thyroid axis were examined in the rat. Pituitary TSH cells and thyroid tissue were histologically, immunohistochemically and stereologically investigated. Serum TSH and T(4) levels were(More)
Exposure to glucocorticoids leads to numerous changes in various biological systems including the reproductive system. The aim of the present work was to find out whether dexamethasone (Dx) treatment of adult female rats would influence the histological and morphometric characteristics of the pituitary gonadotrophic cells (luteinizing--LH cells and follicle(More)
The effect of chronic exposure to light of adult Wistar rats on growth and function of adrenal zona glomerulosa (ZG) and zona fasciculata (ZF) were examined. The females were exposed to continuous light of 600 lux for 95 days, starting on day 30 of age. The controls were kept under a 12:12 h light-dark cycle, at ambient temperature. The rats were sacrificed(More)
The effects of pregnancy and multiple dexamethasone (Dx) treatment on morphometric parameters of adenohypophyseal gonadotropic cells that produce follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) were investigated in female Wistar rats. The rats in the experimental group received injections of 1.0, 0.5 and 0.5mg Dx/kg b.w. on days 16-18 of(More)
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