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The prolonged ventricular dysfunction following brief periods of coronary artery occlusion that does not produce irreversible damage has been termed the "stunned" myocardium. Although ventricular function returns to preischemic values by 1 to 7 days after reperfusion is established, inotropic therapy may be necessary to enhance contractility in the stunned(More)
BACKGROUND The natural history of terminal oncologic disease is death from cardiopulmonary arrest. The goal of this study was to determine whether the temporal distribution of death among oncology patients is related to levels of environmental physical activity-solar, geomagnetic, and cosmic rays and high energy space proton flux, as previously shown for(More)
Editor-in-Chief: Advisory Board: Prof. Dr . rer. nat. habil. K . Stopperka, n Γ ^ Λ . λ / Λ 1 Γ . λ Λ / I I C C n , 1 1 Prof. Dr . Μ . V. Al f imov , Moscow (USSR) Dessau ( F R G ) D r H ß a u m a n n , Wolfen ( F R G ) Prof. Dr . H . Böt tcher , Dresden ( F R G ) Dr . A . R. Corradi , Pulaski ( U S A ) Prof. Dr . S. D ä h n e , Berlin ( F R G ) Dr. F.(More)
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