Natália de Paula Ferreira

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Introduction: public health politics and education privilege school for disease prevention and health promotion activities. Objective: this paper describes inter-sector action for childhood accidents prevention, teachers’ assessments and the knowledge of the students involved. Methods: it was done in a kindergarten City School in São Paulo interior. Thirty(More)
PURPOSE To report and describe the clinical course of four pediatric traumatic macular hole (TMH) cases and respective management. CASE REPORT Four pediatric patients with macular hole following blunt ocular trauma underwent early pars plana vitrectomy, with consecutive hole closure. Initial visual acuity was <20/400 or worse in all patients. After(More)
Methods Retrospective observational consecutive case series of 78 LT recipients, observed by one ophthalmologist (FN) between January 2007 and July 2015. Demographic data, age at beginning of disease, period of evolution of disease, ophthalmological alterations and ocular surgeries (glaucoma surgery and vitrectomy) were evaluated. Patients were divided in(More)
Introduction: Stomach cancer is the second leading cause of deaths worldwide owed to cancer. In less advanced stages of the disease, surgery tends to be the most usual treatment. Due to the social, scientific and medical development, rate of surviving is increasing making quality of life (QoL) particularly important in what health care concerns. Aim: To(More)
PURPOSE To report the surgical outcomes of reoperation of unclosed macular holes after initial vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling. PROCEDURES Seven eyes of 7 patients were submitted to a second procedure in which five radial retinal incisions were made, as deep as the retinal pigment epithelium, beginning one hole diameter away from its(More)
Results Thirteen patients were female. The mean onset age was 58 years and average evolution time of the disease was 5, 6 years. All patients were TTR Met30 and 2 patients were compound heterozygous TTR met30 met119. Four patients had been submitted to liver transplant and nine were on Tafamidis treatment. Amyloid deposits on anterior lens surface were(More)
Familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP) is a group of disorders characterized by the extracellular deposition of amyloid substance in various tissues. The peripheral nervous system and the heart are the main target organs, but the eye may also be involved. We report a case of vitreous amyloidosis as the first manifestation of FAP in a 66-year-old Portuguese(More)
Background Familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP) is an inherited disorder with autosomal dominant transmission and multiple phenotypes, characterized by systemic accumulation of amyloid fibrils. The most common type of FAP is related to a mutant transthyretin (TTR). TTR is mainly synthesized in the liver, but few amount of TTR is produced in the eye, namely(More)
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