Natália T. Marques

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The aim of this commentary was to discuss the last studies regarding the effect of antioxidant vitamins supplementation on oxidative stress in exercise in humans. The inclusion criteria encompassed published studies done in adult males and females between 2006 and 2013. The keywords used in the search engine were: endurance athlete, diet, oxidative stress,(More)
GLRaV-3, a member of the Closteroviridae family and type member of the genus Ampelovirus, is involved in the grapevine leafroll disease. Until now no RNA silencing suppressor has been found among viruses of this genus, contrary to what happens with a large number of other viral genera. In the sister genus Closterovirus, RNA silencing suppressors are present(More)
The p20 protein encoded by the Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV) was previously identified as a RNA silencing suppressor. In this study, we analyzed the p20’s suppressing activity from five phylogenetic groups of CTV, using the co-infiltration assay of Green fluorescence protein (GFP) gene and the suppressor gene in 16C line Nicotiana benthamiana plants. Green(More)
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