Natália Michelato Silva

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We evaluated herein whether diet-induced obesity alters sympathovagal balance, blood pressure, and neuropeptides levels at the hypothalamus and brainstem of mice. Male C57BL6J mice fed with a high-fat (HFD) or a high-fat high-sucrose (HFHSu), or a regular chow diet (C) for 8 weeks were evaluated for metabolic parameters and blood pressure, the latter being(More)
The new continuum solvation model, composite method for implicit representation of solvent (CMIRS), proposed by Pomogaeva and Chipman and implemented in GAMESS was parametrized for methanol solvent, with the aim of using it for ionic reactions in solution. The model was tested for predicting single-ion solvation free energy, pKa of acids and protonated(More)
Dois novos complexos [VO2(L)] e [VO2(HLox)] foram sintetizados e caracterizados por espectroscopias no IV, UV-Vis e RMN, voltametria cíclica, análise elementar e difração de raios X. A síntese do ligante inédito H2Lox também é descrita. Os complexos 1 e 2 foram obtidos pela reação de [VO(acac)2] com os respectivos ligantes HL e H2Lox. Alternativamente, 2(More)
OBJECTIVE to analyze the relationship between the distress of the family caregiver and the presence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in elderly patients with Alzheimer's disease or mixed dementia. METHOD a descriptive, cross-sectional study conducted in the Geriatric and Dementias Clinic of a general tertiary hospital, with 96 elderly people with Alzheimer's(More)
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