Natália Mezzomo

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Peach kernels are industrial residues from the peach processing, contain oil with important therapeutic properties and attractive nutritional aspects because of the high concentration of oleic and linoleic acids. The extraction method used to obtain natural compounds from raw matter is critical for product quality definition. Thus, the aim of this work was(More)
The main residue from the shrimp processing is formed by head and carapace and represents from 40 to 50% (w/w) of the integral shrimp. The recovery of the carotenoid fraction from this residue stands for an alternative to increase its aggregated value. Therefore, the objective of this study was to use the pink shrimp waste as raw material to obtain(More)
The mean serum level of urate and the incidence of hyperuricemia have been found to be normal in 85 patients with untreated essential arterial hypertension without renal failure. On the contrary, the incidence of hyperuricemia has been found to be high in 36 similar patients on a low salt diet and in 19 others who received diuretics. Uricemia decreased in(More)
Pink shrimp (P. brasiliensis and P. paulensis) residue, composed by shrimp head, cephalothorax and tail, is a source of substances useful as food and pharmaceutical ingredients. The main byproducts obtained from the pink shrimp residue are ω-3 fatty acids, carotenoid pigments, chitin and flavor compounds. Carotenoids and ω-3 fatty acids are the most(More)
Recebido para publicação em 18/3/2008 Aceito para publicação em 4/1/2009 (003329) 1 Food Engineering Course, Laboratory of Fermentations, University of Passo Fundo – UPF, P.O. Box 611, CEP 99001-970, Passo Fundo – RS, Brazil, E-mail: 2 Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering, Federal University Foundation of Rio Grande(More)
ABSTRACT Vegetable fibers have been used lately as ingredients in popular meat products in order to increase its nutritional value. The objective of this study was the physical-chemical characterization of six vegetable fibers in order to apply them in chicken burger formulations as animal fat substitutes. The studied fibers showed moisture content below 14(More)
The objective of this work was to estimate the antioxidant potential of the extracts from pink shrimp residue and red grape pomaces (Merlot and Syrah varietals), evaluated according to its antioxidant activity with different analytical methods, associating these properties with the chemical composition of the extract and, as a consequence, with the(More)