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Cronobacter spp. are opportunistic pathogens associated with serious infections in neonates. The increased stress tolerance, including thermoresistance, of some Cronobacter strains can promote their survival in production facilities and thus raise the possibility of contamination of dried infant milk formula, which has been identified as a potential source(More)
Previous observational studies have shown that periodontal status is associated with salivary markers of oxidative damage. A direct comparison of periodontitis patients and controls using a wide palette of salivary markers of oxidative stress is lacking. Characteristics of salivary DNA in periodontitis are unknown. The aim of this study was to compare the(More)
BACKGROUND Cronobacter spp. is an opportunistic pathogen causing rare but dangerous cases of meningitis, sepsis and urinary tract infection. Phage therapy overcomes antibiotic resistance and represents an alternative approach to standard antimicrobial treatment. There are no published studies on the use of phages against Cronobacter spp. in vivo. The aim of(More)
Melatonin was previously shown to reduce blood pressure and left ventricular (LV) remodeling in several models of experimental heart damage. This study investigated whether melatonin prevents LV remodeling and improves survival in isoproterenol-induced heart failure. In the first experiment, four groups of 3-month-old male Wistar rats (12 per group) were(More)
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) represents a serious public health problem with increasing prevalence and novel approaches to renal protection are continuously under investigation. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of melatonin and angiotensin II type 2 receptor agonist compound 21 (C21) to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor captopril and(More)
Identification of foreign biological material by genetic profiling is widely used in forensic DNA testing in different cases of sexual violence, sexual abuse or sexual harassment. In all these kinds of sexual assaults, the perpetrator could constrain the victim to kissing. The value of the victim's saliva taken after such an assault has not been(More)
Exposure of rats to continuous light attenuates melatonin production and results in hypertension development. This study investigated whether hypertension induced by continuous light (24 hours/day) exposure induces heart and aorta remodelling and if these alterations are prevented by melatonin or angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor captopril. Four(More)
BACKGROUND The non-invasive, flexible and easy sample collection makes saliva an interesting source of DNA for research and diagnostic purposes. The aim of our study was to find the most suitable collection method for biological material from the oral cavity and the most effective DNA isolation technique for further analytic applications. METHODS DNA was(More)
BACKGROUND Biomarkers of oxidative stress can be measured in saliva and represent a promising tool for the research of oral diseases. Saliva sampling and further processing has been improved by Salivette collection systems. The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of two different Salivette collection systems on salivary biomarkers of oxidative(More)
BACKGROUND Salivary markers of oxidative stress and antioxidant status represent promising tool for the research of oral diseases. One of the criteria is the validation of these biomarkers from the perspective of the confounding and modifying factors. AIM To examine the effect of circadian rhythm, tooth-brushing and ascorbic acid treatment on selected(More)