Natália Alinda Montecinos Ayaviri

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate and compare the effect of the incision of the external oblique aponeurosis along the semilunaris in amount of tension present after the undermining of the anterior rectus sheaths. Forty fresh adult cadavers were studied and divided into two groups: group A (n=20) and group B (n=20). Traction indexes were compared in(More)
Our aim was to evaluate the amount of tension present after incision and undermining of the anterior rectus sheaths and the external oblique muscles in 20 fresh adult cadavers. Resistance to traction of the anterior and posterior rectus sheaths towards the midline was measured at three stages of dissection: before any aponeurotic undermining; after incision(More)
Incidental needlestick injury with exposure of blood pathogens has a high incidence among health care workers. Because plastic surgeons make up an important risk group for this type of accident, this study sought to evaluate the incidence of glove perforation during minor and major plastic surgery procedures. Evidence of glove perforation was evaluated for(More)
Osteoma cutis is a rare disease in which there is formation of bony tissue in the skin that causes deformities. The etiology remains unknown and its treatment is controversial. A rare case of primary osteoma cutis in the face and scalp, which was not associated with any syndrome, is described. The patient was treated with surgery and topical retinoic acid.(More)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the tension at the aponeurotic edges after the undermining of the anterior rectus sheath associated with the classic components separation in cadavers. Twenty fresh adult cadavers were placed supine and an incision in the anterior rectus sheath was done, thus exposing the posterior sheath. The two levels to be(More)
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