Natàlia Hurtós

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— This paper presents a method to build large-scale mosaics adapted to sonar imagery. By assuming a simplified imaging model, we propose the use of Fourier-based methods to address the registrations between images which, unlike feature-based methods, prove to handle well the low resolution, noise, occlusions and moving shadows characteristic of(More)
The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools used to build robotic systems. ROS is known for a distributed and modular design. Given a model of the environment, task planning is concerned with the assembly of actions into a structure that is predicted to achieve goals. This can be done in a way that minimises costs, such as time(More)
Natural CO2 releases from shallow marine hydrothermal vents are assumed to mix into the water column, and not accumulate into stratified seafloor pools. We present newly discovered shallow subsea pools located within the Santorini volcanic caldera of the Southern Aegean Sea, Greece, that accumulate CO2 emissions from geologic reservoirs. This type of(More)
Performing subsea intervention tasks is a challenge due to the complexities of the underwater domain. We propose to use a learning by demonstraition algorithm to intuitively teach an intervention autonomous underwater vehicle (I-AUV) how to perform a given task. Taking as an input few operator demonstrations , the algorithm generalizes the task into a model(More)