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In this paper a unified approach is presented for controlling chaos in nonlinear partial differential systems by a fuzzy control design. First almost all known chaotic partial differential equation systems are represented by Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model. For investigating design procedure, Kuramoto-Sivashinsky (K-S) equation is selected. Then, all linear(More)
Wind energy is not constant and because of nonlinear effect of wind speed in output power of windmill, the generated power of wind turbine generators (WTGs) fluctuates. In order to reduce fluctuation, different methods are available. This paper presents a control strategy based on fuzzy modeling in different wind speeds to control frequency and together(More)
This paper is addressed the stability of feedback interconnected nonlinear systems based on large gain theorem. First a linear matrix inequality-based framework is proved to find minimum gain of linear systems. Then by applying large gain theorem and the idea of zero assignment, a method is proposed to stabilize Lur'e form systems. This method can be(More)
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