Nastaran Jafarpour

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Today, the Web is a place for offering single services and developing service compositions. Increasing number of service providers has introduced the challenge of QoS-aware selection of web service compositions. In such compositions, appropriate web services are selected among several function-equivalent available services. This selection is performed in(More)
A wide variety of disease outbreak detection methods has been developed in automated public health surveillance systems. The choice of outbreak detection method results in large changes in performance under different circumstances. In this paper, we investigate how outbreak detection methods can be combined in order to improve the overall detection(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a probabilistic model for discovering and quantifying determinants of outbreak detection and to use the model to predict detection performance for new outbreaks. MATERIALS AND METHODS We used an existing software platform to simulate waterborne disease outbreaks of varying duration and magnitude. The simulated data were overlaid on(More)
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