Nassir W. Oumer

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A space object such as a satellite consists of highly specular surface, and when exposed to directional source of light, it is very difficult for visual tracking. However, camera-based tracking provides an inexpensive solution to the problem of on-orbit servicing of a satellite, such as orbital-life extension by repairing and refuelling, and debris removal.(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method for stereo camera-based 3D tracking which integrates pointkinematics, associated to each visual feature into Kalman filters. The approach utilizes optical flow and stereo correspondence of visible, predominatly specular features on a target satellite surface, in order to estimate translational and rotational(More)
We describe an ego-motion algorithm based on dense spatiotemporal correspondences, using semi-global stereo matching (SGM) and bilateral image warping in time. The main contribution is an improvement in accuracy and robustness of such techniques, by taking care of speed and numerical stability, while employing twice the structure and data for the motion(More)
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