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We construct an infinite E 9 multiplet of BPS states for 11D supergravity. For each positive real root of E 9 we obtain a BPS solution of 11D supergravity, or of its exotic counterparts , depending on two non-compact transverse space variables. All these solutions are related by U-dualities realised via E 9 Weyl transformations in the regular embedding E 9(More)
During synaptogenesis, spontaneous acetylcholine release is rapidly induced by the contact of the growing neurite with the myocyte. Using Xenopus nerve-muscle co-cultures, we investigated the role of Ca2+ in the presynaptic mechanisms mediating this induction process. We found that Ca2+ influx is not necessary to induce spontaneous release and that an(More)
The G ++-content of the formulation of gravity and M-theories as very-extended Kac-Moody invariant theories is further analysed. The different exotic phases of all the G ++ B-theories, which admit exact solutions describing intersecting branes smeared in all directions but one, are derived. This is achieved by analysing for all G ++ the signatures which are(More)
1. Electrophysiological detection of acetylcholine (ACh) release by synaptosomes from the electric organ of Torpedo was searched for by laying the isolated nerve terminals on a culture of Xenopus embryonic muscle cells (myocytes), and by recording the ACh-induced inward currents in the myocytes. 2. Whole-cell recording in one of the myocytes revealed rapid(More)
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