Nassera Touati

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BACKGROUND Interdisciplinary teamwork (ITW) is designed to promote the active participation of several disciplines in delivering comprehensive cancer care to patients. ITW provides mechanisms to support continuous communication among care providers, optimize professionals' participation in clinical decision-making within and across disciplines, and foster(More)
BACKGROUND Teamwork is a key component of the health care renewal strategy emphasized in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada and in other countries to enhance the quality of oncology services. While this innovation would appear beneficial in theory, empirical evidences of its impact are limited. Current efforts in Quebec to encourage the development of local(More)
BACKGROUND Most national and provincial commissions on healthcare services in Canada over the past decade have recommended that primary care services be strengthened in order to guarantee each citizen access to a family physician. Despite these recommendations, finding a family physician continues to be problematic. The issue of enrollment with a family(More)
BACKGROUND Interdisciplinary teamwork (ITW) is deemed necessary for quality cancer care practices. Nevertheless, variation in ITW intensity among cancer teams is understudied, and quantitative evidence of the effect of different ITW intensities among cancer teams on patients' perceived experience of care is limited. This study aims to compare(More)
BACKGROUND With 4.6 million patients who do not have a regular family physician, Canada performs poorly compared to other OECD countries in terms of attachment to a family physician. To address this issue, several provinces have implemented centralized waiting lists to coordinate supply and demand for attachment to a family physician. Although significant(More)
BACKGROUND Managed cancer networks are widely promoted in national cancer control programs as an organizational form that enables integrated care as well as enhanced patient outcomes. While national programs are set by policy-makers, the detailed implementation of networks is delegated at the service delivery and institutional levels. It is likely that the(More)
Background Multidisciplinary team (MDT)-working is recognized as a key modality for providing cancer services in the province of Quebec (Canada) and elsewhere [1]. Evidence suggests that the quality of teamworking varies across cancer teams and this may impact on care-providing process, and ultimately on patient care experience [2]. The objective of the(More)
Introduction La gestion de la qualité dans le secteur public : at on fait le tour de la question ? Nassera Touati Professeure École nationale d'administration publique La revue de l'innovation : La Revue de l'innovation dans le secteur public, Introduction : La gestion de la qualité dans le secteur public : at on fait le tour de la(More)
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