Nasser Simforoosh

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Force and position feedback are the two important parameters that are employed in different medical diagnoses and more specifically surgical operations. Furthermore, during different minimally invasive procedures, the ability of touch and force and position feedback are absent. In this regard, artificial palpation is a new technology that is employed to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Major vascular injury is the most devastating complication of laparoscopy, occurring most commonly during the laparoscopic entry phase. Our goal is to report our experience with major vascular injury during laparoscopic entry with closed- and open-access techniques in urologic procedures. METHODS All 5347 patients who underwent(More)
Venereal diseases are still a common prohlem in today's world. Even though tremendous advances are heing made in medicine and large budgets are heing spent to control sexually transmitted diseases (STD), especially in western countries, these diseases are still yet very common, and today AIDS has been added to the threats posed hy STD to human life. The(More)
Significant controversy exists regarding vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) management, due to lack of sufficient prospective studies. The rationale for surgical management is that VUR can cause recurrent episodes of pyelonephritis and long-term renal damage. Several surgical techniques have been introduced during the past decades. Open anti-reflux operations have(More)
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