Nasser Nematbakhsh

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Keyword based information retrieval has difficulties in retrieving relevant information because it is not able to include the semantics of queries. In this paper, we present a novel method for query expansion based on semantic relations. In our proposed algorithm, semantically related words to the query are extracted from WordNet. Valuable words among(More)
Web services composition based on QoS is the NP-hard problem, so the bionics optimization algorithms can solve it well. On the other hand, QoS of compound service is a key factor for satisfying the users. The users prefer different QoSs according to their desires. We have Proposed the services composition algorithm based on quality of services and(More)
One of the important issues in computer networks is " Load Balancing " which leads to efficient use of the network resources. To achieve a balanced network it is necessary to find different routes between the source and destination. In the current paper we propose a new approach to find different routes using swarm intelligence techniques and multi colony(More)
To realize smart home vision in an equipped domain, several types of context-aware applications should be deployed. Because of complex tasks of context gathering and processing, designing context-aware applications requires middleware support. Designing a context-aware middleware is a challenging issue because of specific characteristics of context and(More)
Non-functional properties play an important role in all web service related tasks, especially in selection and composition of services. To select a service according to the user business policies, it is necessary to find a mechanism for matching the user business policies with the web service policies. To do this, exploiting semantic matching is effective.(More)
Web services selection and composition is a new software development paradigm to achieve service oriented computing. QoS of compound service is a key factor for satisfying the users " needs. The services selection algorithm based on quality of services is a combinatorial optimization problem. For Web services selection for composition based on QoS, the(More)
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