Nasser Hosseini

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During transport of an object using the precision grip with thumb and index finger, a modulation of the grip force is needed in response to the forces evoked by the movement. We measured the grip force (GF) and the load force (LF) in 10 healthy participants moving a 640-g object forward and upward. The task was repeated with various speeds. There were(More)
Article history: Received: 17Feb 2014. Accepted: 12Mar 2014 Available online: ........ ZJRMS 2015 Sep; ....(..): ...-.... Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) which belongs to the Lamiaceae family is a known herb that has long been used in traditional medicine to treat many disorders, and several studies have been conducted to identify the plant and its healing(More)
Integrated movement and force analysis of the precision grip-lift sequence (grasping an object between index finger and thumb) is a useful tool in studies on manipulative hand functions. The everyday Manual Transport tasks, moving objects from one place to another, exhibits powerful test possibilities because it includes the precision grip. In this study,(More)
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the relevance of using a phantom to simulate a clinical situation where small low contrast objects are embedded in relatively homogeneous organs in order to discriminate between different ultrasound machines, taking into account human observer variability. One high-end and one general ultrasound machine using(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aimed to investigate the protective effect of aerial parts of the Tribulus terrestris L extract on acute kidney injury (AKI) induced by ischemia for 30 minutes and reperfusion for 24 hours in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten male Sprague-Dawley rats in the AKI and 10 in the Tribulus terrestris groups received the extract solvent and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether subjects with palmar hyperhidrosis have functional problems with the handgrip caused by the wet slippery surface of palm and fingertips. We used two different dosages of botulinum toxin to explore its impact on sweating and on muscle strength in the hand. METHOD Using an object equipped with force sensors we measured the(More)
INTRODUCTION Reperfusion injury leads to damage to the hemodynamic and functional parameters of the kidney. This study investigated the effects of oral administration of the aqueous extract of rosemary on improvement of changes induced by ischemia-reperfusion in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fourty male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into 4 groups. One(More)
For paediatric monitoring and demanding applications such as metabolic monitoring and measurements of functional residual capacity combining gas concentration with flow/volume measurements the performance of side-stream monitors (SSGM) is suboptimal. The objective was to evaluate the performance of a miniaturised mainstream multigas monitor (MSGM) alleged(More)
We analyze hand dexterity in Parkinson's disease patients (PD) and control subjects using a natural manual transport task (moving an object from one place to another). Eight PD patients and 10 control subjects carried out the task repeatedly at maximum speed both in off and on medicated status. The movement parameters and the grip and load forces were(More)
OBJECTIVE Hand dysfunction is a frequent cause of disability in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In patients with RA, we studied the precision grip-lift sequence in relation to pain, stiffness, and observer assessed hand function and their relation to patients' experience of clumsiness and tendency to drop objects. METHODS Performance of the precision grip-lift(More)