Nasser Ghadiri

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As a well-known clustering algorithm, Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) allows each input sample to belong to more than one cluster, providing more flexibility than non-fuzzy clustering methods. However, the accuracy of FCM is subject to false detections caused by noisy records, weak feature selection and low certainty of the algorithm in some cases. The false detections(More)
Automatic detection of network intrusion is a challenging task because of increasing types of attacks. Many of the existing approaches either are rigid, inflexible designs tailored to a specific situation or require manual setting of design parameters such as the initial number of clusters. In this paper we allow the design parameters to be determined(More)
Clustering plays an important role in mining big data both as a modeling technique and a preprocessing step in many data mining process implementations. Fuzzy clustering provides more flexibility than non-fuzzy methods by allowing each data record to belong to more than one cluster to some degree. However, a serious challenge in fuzzy clustering is the lack(More)
Least Squares Twin Support Vector Machine (LSTSVM) is an extremely efficient and fast version of SVM algorithm for binary classification. LSTSVM combines the idea of Least Squares SVM and Twin SVM in which two nonparallel hyperplanes are found by solving two systems of linear equations. Although, the algorithm is very fast and efficient in many(More)
With the advent of big data phenomenon in the world of data and its related technologies, the developments on the NoSQL databases are highly regarded. It has been claimed that these databases outperform their SQL counterparts. The aim of this study is to investigate the claim by evaluating the document-oriented MongoDB database with SQL in terms of the(More)
Analyzing huge amounts of spatial data plays an important role in many emerging analysis and decision-making domains such as healthcare, urban planning, agriculture and so on. For extracting meaningful knowledge from geographical data, the relationships between spatial data objects need to be analyzed. An important class of such relationships are(More)
Spatial data is playing an emerging role in new technologies such as web and mobile mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Important decisions in political, social and many other aspects of modern human life are being made using location data. Decision makers in many countries are exploiting spatial databases for collecting information, analyzing(More)