Nasrul Humaimi Bin Mahmood

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In medical field, the number of red blood cells (RBC) are used as an indicator to detect the type of diseases such as malaria, anemia, leukemia and etc. The problems using manual counting of RBC under the microscope is tend to give inaccurate result and errors. This paper proposed a method to count a total number of RBC in peripheral blood smear image by(More)
Carotid artery is one of the parts that hard to identify by inexperience doctor or radiologist because the shape is almost same like the muscle layer. A common, non-invasive test used to check for carotid artery disease is a Doppler ultrasound. This variation of the conventional ultrasound assesses blood flow and pressure and possible narrowing of the blood(More)
Thalassemia was known as the red blood cell (RBC) morphology disorder. This disease mostly affects the shape of the red blood cells. Thalassemia becomes the major public health problem when one of the people becomes the carrier of the disease. It can occur within a months after birth or even before birth and results in inappropriate growth and development(More)
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