Nasrudin Abd Rahim

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Foot drop is a disease caused mainly by muscle paralysis, which incapacitates the nerves generating the impulses that control feet in a heel strike. The incapacity may stem from lesions that affect the brain, the spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. The foot becomes dorsiflexed, affecting normal walking. A design and analysis of a controller for such legs is(More)
This paper presents an asymmetrical cascaded multilevel inverter based on a five-level transistor-clamped H-bridge power cell. A two-cell configuration with a dc link voltage ratio of 4 : 1 is presented. The modulation method is based on the fundamental frequency switching. An analysis of the inverter output voltage and harmonics is presented. Injection of(More)
This paper discusses the impact of fill factor on the input current ripple of the photovoltaic module and the loss effect on power extracted. Photovoltaic module's P-V curve produces exponential curve. The curvature of this curve indicates the fill factor of the particular cell; hence, by increasing the fill factor, the available extracted power increases.(More)
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