Nasruddin Hassan

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In this work, we introduce the concept of fuzzy parameterized interval-valued fuzzy soft set theory (fpivfss) and study their operations. We then define fpivfss-aggregation operator to form fpivfss-decision making method that allows constructing more efficient decision processes. Finally, some numerical examples are employed to substantiate the conceptual(More)
Molodtsov has introduced the concept of soft sets and the application of soft sets in decision making and medical diagnosis problems. The basic properties of vague soft sets are presented. In this paper, we introduce the concept of interval-valued vague soft sets which are an extension of the soft set and its operations such as equality, subset,(More)
The point symmetric single step procedure PSS1 has R-order of convergence at least 3. This procedure is modified by adding another single-step, which is the third step in PSS1. This modified procedure is called the point zoro symmetric single-step PZSS1. It is proven that the R-order of convergence of PZSS1 is at least 4 which is higher than the R-order of(More)
The aim of this paper is to correct the assertions (3) and (4) of Theorem 3.23 proposed by Zhang and Shu [Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems 27 (2014) 2115-2125]. A counterexample illustrates the flaw of the assertions. We introduce the notion of generalized possibility multi-fuzzy soft sets and use it to correct the flaw in those assertions. Finally(More)
Diversity of the population in a genetic algorithm plays an important role in impeding premature convergence. This paper proposes an adaptive neurofuzzy inference system genetic algorithm based on sexual selection. In this technique, for choosing the female chromosome during sexual selection, a bilinear allocation lifetime approach is used to label the(More)