Nasruddin Hassan

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In this work, we introduce the concept of fuzzy parameterized intervalvalued fuzzy soft set theory (fpivfss) and study their operations. We then define fpivfss-aggregation operator to form fpivfss-decision making method that allows constructing more efficient decision processes. Finally, some numerical examples are employed to substantiate the conceptual(More)
Diversity of the population in a genetic algorithm plays an important role in impeding premature convergence. This paper proposes an adaptive neurofuzzy inference system genetic algorithm based on sexual selection. In this technique, for choosing the female chromosome during sexual selection, a bilinear allocation lifetime approach is used to label the(More)
In this paper, we first introduce the concept of neutrosophic vague soft expert sets (NVSESs for short) which combines neutrosophic vague sets and soft expert sets to be more effective and useful. We also define its basic operations, namely complement, union, intersection, AND and OR along with illustrative examples, and study some related properties with(More)
In this paper, we give the definitions of a multi Q-fuzzy set and a multi Q-fuzzy parameterized soft (MkQFP−soft) set and their operations, namely complement, quality, subset, union, and intersection operations. We then propose a decision making method based on MkQFP−soft set theory. We finally give an example which shows that the method can be successfully(More)
In this paper a new approach is being introduced to study roughness through neutrosophic soft sets. This new model is called neutrosophic right neighborhood .The concept of neutrosophic soft rough set approximations will be defined, properties of suggested approximations are deduced and proved and then some of neutrosophic soft rough set concepts will be(More)