Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari

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This paper presents an approach for object recognition and shape retrieval in binary images. Object description is accomplished by contour and region-based solutions. Fusion of two categories of shape descriptors causes a considerable performance improvement in retrieval. In order to improve the recognition rate, it is important to extract the intrinsic(More)
Modern HCI systems tend to build a new channel of human-computer interaction in which the human emotion is understandable by computers. Since Humans depict emotional behavior in combination of various modalities (e.g. facial expression, speech articulations); The HCI should reliably perceive emotional information from multiple channels. The goal of the(More)
To make human–computer interaction more naturally and friendly, computers must enjoy the ability to understand human’s affective states the same way as human does. There are many modals such as face, body gesture and speech that people use to express their feelings. In this study, we simulate human perception of emotion through combining emotion-related(More)
In this article a method for color reduction based on ant colony algorithm is presented. Generally color reduction involves two steps: choosing a proper palette and mapping colors to this palette. This article is about the first step. Using ant colony algorithm, pixel clusters are formed based on their colors and neighborhood information to make the final(More)