Nasrine Bagheri

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This article presents an experiment that examined the effect of providing operators with information about the context-related nature of automation reliability. Results are compared against those from previous experiments where no information about automation reliability was provided to participants. Providing context led to a significant increase in(More)
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a critical cause of morbidity and disability with an economic cost of hundreds of billions of dollars each year, necessitating more effective treatment strategies and novel approaches to translational research. A notable barrier in addressing this public health threat involves reliable identification of the disorder, as(More)
This article discusses the development of a model that defines the optimal sampling behaviour of operators in a multi-task flight simulation, where one of the tasks is automated. The goal of this model is to assign a cost function to the attention allocation strategy of participants, allowing us to assess the efficiency of their overall strategy. The model(More)
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