Nasrin Dalil

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Light-microscopic immunocytochemistry was used to study serotonin (5HT)-containing retinal cells in the lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis). Observations of sections and flatmounted retinas enabled us to distinguish four principal types of 5HT-immunoreactive neurons, on the basis of the localization of their somata and the arrangement of their processes in the(More)
Retinal ganglion cells (GC) of the Lamprey were studied after in vitro labeling of these cells by iontophoretic deposition of horseradish peroxidase into the optic nerve. The majority of GC are located at the boundary between the inner nuclear layer and the inner plexiform layer; a small proportion (20%) lies in the vitreous portion of the inner plexiform(More)
The aim of this study has been to investigate different neuroactive substances in the lamprey centrifugal visual neurons (CVN) by combining axonal tracing methods and immunocytochemistry. The CVN somata are immunonegative to antibodies recognizing FMRF-amide, LH-RH, 5 HT and TH, but immunopositive to an anti-GABA antiserum (GABA+) in a proportion of 40%. In(More)
Cloud computing is basically virtual pool of resources and it provides these resources to its users via internet as services who use them as when needed basis. On demands of user’s data confidentiality and privacy the data is stored in cloud server as encrypted. Ideally, to maintain the security of user’s data queries should be processing over encrypted(More)
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