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External Factors in Hospital Information System (HIS) Adoption Model: A Case on Malaysia
This paper provides a direction for future research to study the correlation of factors affecting HIS adoption, and a research model is proposed using current adoption theories and external factors from human, technology, and organization perspectives. Expand
A qualitative study of the occupational subculture of information systems employees in organizations
The results of the study suggest that conflicts arise from differences within members of subcultures, and observed situations of adaptation between occupational subculture represent an example for remedy to rectify this conflict crisis. Expand
Motivational Aspects of Information Literacy Skills Instruction in Community College Libraries
This study explored the motivational aspects of information literacy skills instruction delivered by librarians in community college libraries. Librarians and students at seven community collegesExpand
Privacy Issues in Pervasive Healthcare Monitoring System: A Review
This work systematically analyzed the privacy issues and presented a summary in tabular form to show the relationship among the issues and proposes a privacy-sensitive architecture specifically designed for pervasive healthcare monitoring systems. Expand
Wireless Positioning Techniques and Location-Based Services: A Literature Review
The study concludes that with evolution of technological advancement, wireless positioning system will be more improved and will be used in every part of the authors' daily life in an effective manner. Expand
Understanding Technology and People Issues in Hospital Information System (HIS) Adoption: Case study of a tertiary hospital in Malaysia.
It was found that medical workers using HIS has better access and data management compared to the previously used manual system and the human issues analysis reveals positive attitudes toward using HIS among the users especially from the physicians' side. Expand
Adoption of E-Commerce Online Shopping in Malaysia
This study provides a foundational understanding of how security and privacy issue in online transactions, and trust in reliability of online vendors affect consumers’ confidence in participating in e-commerce. Expand
Success factors in developing iHeart as a patient-centric healthcare system: A multi-group analysis
It was found that nationality plays a moderating role between some of the success factors and success of iHeart, which is a patient-centric healthcare system, to monitor and track the patient via a wearable device and their mobile phones. Expand
A cross-sectional content analysis of Android applications for asthma
Low health information quality across all asthma applications found is an indication of a gap in existing research and subsequent studies can continue to evaluate the development and use of mHealth Asthma Applications with increasing methodological consistency to improve the quality of in-app health information. Expand
Managing ICT in Healthcare Organization: Culture, Challenges, and Issues of Technology Adoption and Implementation
This chapter consists of six sections highlighting issues on information and communication technology (ICT) adoption and implementation. The first section discusses the phenomenon of ICT adoption inExpand